Drive Consistent Performance of Your Revenue Teams

Deliver Ongoing Targeted Training and Certification Programs.


Provide a Roadmap to Continuous Professional Growth with Guided Learning Paths

Reinforce your revenue strategy and retain sales talent with personalized training to fit your sales process by role, seniority, territory, and industry.

Simplify and democratize relevant content creation throughout the organization. Easily create immersive, interactive training modules with a unique authoring tool and reusable templates.

Meet the demands of a quickly evolving selling landscape with an up to date library of templates, play-books, and best practices.


Help Reps Master New Skills and Win More Deals

Enable your reps to build confidence and become the top performers they always wanted to be through Video Pitch Practice and Analysis.

Ensure your teams stand above the competition by practicing real-life scenarios of how to better apply new skills while continuously sharpening selling techniques.

AI-assisted analysis enables managers and peers to provide actionable feedback, constructive coaching advice, and identify areas for improvement.


Validate Competency Levels and Ensure Consistent Results

Define your organization-specific metrics to evaluate interpersonal skills, sales methods and technical knowledge for all revenue teams.

Track training performance and monitor certification program effectiveness through individual and team scorecards based on data accumulated from training courses, coaching sessions, pitches, and assessments.


Why Star Selected TeamFusion?

  • Deep Analytics

  • Smooth User Interface

  • Role Specific Experience

  • Peer to Peer Community Engagement