Empower New Hires to Become Productive and Find Early Success

Provide Impactful, Engaging and Personalized Onboarding Experiences at Scale.


Enable Consistent Onboarding Tailored to Each New Hire

Quickly provide customized, branded, and personalized onboarding portals for all of your audiences that are highly engaging in any language and on any device.

TeamFusion removes manual friction with easy automation rules that guide your teams on an onboarding journey tailored to their individual learning habits based on their skills, knowledge, and goals.


Ramp Up New Hires Faster and Shorten the Time to First Deal

Enable new reps to sharpen their skills, receive constructive feedback from their managers and peers, gain confidence to excel and start generating results faster with Video Pitch Practices.

Allow your teams to continue using the tools they like and keep them engaged with real-time collaboration and progress updates via our native Slack integration.

Provide employees with the right content at the right time, giving them all the information they need to succeed, with a Smart Knowledge Hub.


Assess Readiness with Actionable Analytics

Ensure that new hires are ready to start interacting with clients with built-in Assessments, Quizzes, and AI guided Video Pitch analysis.

Evaluate onboarding progress, see what works, what makes people successful, and clearly see what needs to be improved with Onboarding Scorecards.

Accurately monitor your onboarding effectiveness with employee feedback, sentiment analysis, advanced progress reporting, and KPI tracking.


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