Our Favorite New Office 365 Updates – A Summary

Let’s take a look at some of the updates that make the best productivity solution even better.

@mentions in Outlook

How many emails are you Cc’d on every day? How many of them actually don’t require you to respond or take some action? If you’re like most people in the corporate world the answer to these questions is probably summarized as too many.

@mentions in Outlook helps you focus on the emails that actually need your attention – saving you time sifting through the hundreds of emails you get every day. You can also use @mentions to grab the attention of others. Hopefully that teammate of yours might get back to you J.

Editor in Word

Really help you captivate others with great content, Microsoft Word can.  Yes, hmmm. With Microsoft Word’s new digital writing assistant – Editor – you can feel more confident that your content will be top notch and crystal clear.

Guest Access forjedi Office 365 Groups

Working with people outside of your organization just got substantially easier. Collaborating with customers, vendors, or partners can get complicated when you can’t easily share files with one another. With Guest Access for Office 365 Groups, now even people outside of your company can feel like they are in the same room as you to knock out that project.

These updates sound cool? Contact us today to see how you can easily learn how to leverage all the features that will make you an Office 365 Jedi. 

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