Creating an External Yammer Network – Google vs. TeamFusion

We are active users of Office 365 at TeamFusion – it’s our go-to productivity solution for all our workloads. However, sometimes we miss the latest update or don’t know about a very specific feature. Luckily, we have built a strong culture of using our own training solution internally and we are happy to share one of our favorite success stories.

Recently, we have decided to improve our collaboration with one of our key partners and move our conversations from email to Yammer. Yammer really helps to unclutter email and makes it easier to keep track of the discussions.

A year ago we created an external network for a similar project, but unfortunately, our team either forgot how to use Yammer or something changed in the UI. We were unable to set up another external network.

So we googled it!

Almost as an instinct, we immediately googled how to create an external network. The results seemed to be exactly what we needed – a step-by-step guide to setting up an external network.


Then something went wrong

Microsoft had introduced large changes to Yammer – instead of creating external networks you’re now supposed to invite people outside of your organization to external groups you’ve created for collaboration. We’re not ashamed to admit that we didn’t know about the change. Out of the cheer curiosity, we tried to create an external network following the steps Google had given us but it wasn’t possible anymore.

The “aha” moment

Fortunately, we knew the solution was right in front of us. There had to be a guide for this among our Office 365 training resources, and we didn’t even need to go and look for it inside the TeamFusion platform. We found the results in our built-in search integration, which shows resources directly in Google search (this works on any major search engine). Most importantly, we knew that all of our guides are always up-to-date with the latest changes Microsoft brings to Office 365.


There it was – the very first link led us to one of TeamFusion’s resources that highlights the introduction of external groups and immediately offers a step-by-step guide to create one.


It took us a minute to look through the guide and set up an external group in our Yammer network. Being a provider of simple and effective Office 365 training, we are proud that our team uses our solution daily and constantly helps us understand what the typical users’ challenges that we should be solving. These small “aha” moments certainly help and we are proud to share one of them with you.

Contact us today to have more of your own “aha” moments while mastering Office 365.

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